My wife is always telling me that she doesn’t understand how with computers something can be working fine one day and then the next day it’s broken.  Being a developer, I see this kind of thing all the time.  “It was working a minute ago!”, or the times when you ask someone to look at something that isn’t working and when you go to show it to them it suddenly starts working perfectly.

Something like this happened to me recently.  I was thinking about making some modifications to the iPhone app that I wrote, so I opened up the project and ran it but the audio wasn’t working and it locked up.  I thought that was strange since I hadn’t changed anything since I ran it last, and the last time I ran it was when I was getting it ready to submit it to the App Store. I knew that this exact same code was currently for sale, which was a little disconcerting.

After a bit of digging I finally discovered an error that was complaining about a DivX file that couldn’t be found.  I remembered installing a DivX codec to try and resolve a video playback issue I was having on my laptop but it doesn’t make any sense to me why that would have any effect on audio playback in the iPhone simulator.  The DivX codec had not resolved my video issue, however, so I proceeded to uninstall it and sure enough my code started working again!

So those times when something is working one day and not the next, I’m 100% positive that there is a reason for it, because that’s just how computers work.  Whether or not you can find the reason for it, the world may never know.

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Shelly Bishop March 20th, 2010 at 12:49 am

Funny! I just had a BIG ordeal with my laptop the other night. I even called a friend tech to come and look at it and my son is a big computer “nerd” and loves to figure things out! He couldn’t get it working either. Just as my friend was walking in the door…Wah Lah…it started UP again and NO problems since! What’s with that? Poor friend didn’t have to even look at my laptop, but he did walk out with a plateful of homemade Lemon Bars. Not too bad of a deal for him. Is there a cyber fairy? Or a computer fairy…that waits until you’re on your last nerve, then she/he comes to your rescue? IDK! 🙂

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