The New Look

I decided that it was finally time to get serious.  I had been letting it slide up until now because traffic to this site was pretty non-existent.  But I’ve got some things in the works and didn’t really want to risk the world wide embarrassment of having my traffic surge to 2 or 3 visitors a day while not even bothering to change the look of this site from the default.  Thanks to for compiling a big list of great free WordPress themes for me to wade through.  And a special thanks to, not only for offering this theme for free, but for being considerate enough to also include the Photoshop .psd file needed to recreate the site logo.

Now I’ve got to re-think how I’m using categories and tags so the site is more intuitive.  Which, unfortunately, will require me to go through all of my older posts and recategorize and add tags.  Fortunately, I think there are only 7 old posts thanks to my previous cleaning. Woot!

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