My name is Ryan Minnick.  I graduated from USU in 2003 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and have been working professionally as a programmer ever since.  While I was in school I was not interested in web development and focused mostly on C++ desktop application programming.  Ironically, since graduation I have done nothing but web development using all sorts of languages and skills that I didn’t learn in school such as Perl, PHP, Java/J2EE, and recently I have started doing iPhone development on the side in my spare time.

I’ve had this website for a while and it has gone through some changes over the years.  I used to use it as an occasional rant space, but one day I just decided that there was enough of that type of thing out there already so I decided to change the format to be something more positive.  Now I write about things I enjoy and things that I hope will be helpful to people in one way or another, whether it is sharing tips and tricks or stumbling through something new together.