Random Rant

Here’s a few random things that have been on my mind that don’t fit anywhere else, so I’ll just spit them out here.

Redbox I am done with you. It seemed like a good idea at first, but now I’ve had enough.  Waiting in line to rent a movie isn’t fun, but you know what’s worse? Waiting in line to return a movie.  My personal favorite is systematically starting at the Redbox closest to my house and working outward to find one that is not out of order and not “full” and not inside a store that is closed to be able to return my movie and then having to wait in line just to put the movie in the slot. It’s been fun but Netflix is my friend now.

SuperMediaStore is having a contest to give away an iPad.  The winner is to be chosen at random from all of the entries received during the month.  The winner for April still hasn’t been selected though because they received “over 13,000 entries in total! still sorting thru entries”. I wasn’t aware that a randomly selected drawing required any “sorting thru”, and the funny thing about computers is that they can select a random number pretty fast. It’s their contest and they can run it however they want, it just disturbs me as a programmer.  I wonder if I’ve disqualified myself from being the “random” winner with this post?

MegaTokyo I ordered a t-shirt 7 days ago and the order is still “processing”.  Really?

Milk If they can figure out exactly to the day when my milk will go bad, why are all of the above having so many problems?

Pork Whoever thought it was a good idea to use pigs for anything besides bacon was WRONG

Lost I’m watching this show for the first time and I’m currently in season 4.  I’m totally hooked and think the show is fantastic but seriously WHAT is going on?!

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