iFakeUout is my first iPhone application, and it went on sale in the App Store today!

My idea for this app started out as something else, but because of some limitations I ran into it evolved into what I think is just a fun, simple app that can be used to get a laugh out of your friends.  The idea is to wait for just the right moment, then pick a sound to play that will get the best reaction.  Thinking back, this would have been great to have on some sleepovers, like playing the school bell or the bugle when the whole tent is quiet and everyone is just about to fall asleep.  Maybe that’s only funny to me though, but only because we actually did that kind of thing.

Ah, the dreaded shameless self promotion, nothing wrong with that though, right?  On a side note, it was very encouraging for me as a developer to have my app accepted on the first try.

UPDATE (06/3/2010): I had previously allowed my developer subscription to expire and in the process this app was removed from the App Store.  However I just recently renewed my subscription in preparation for submitting a new app and incidentally this app has been re-listed for sale in the store.  Right now I’m not sure if I plan on leaving it up for sale so if you are interested in it, now is your chance to get it.

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