Check your settings

As I was driving around last week I saw some trees that I thought would make a good picture, but I didn’t have the camera with me.  So last Saturday I grabbed the kids and the camera and headed out.  I wasn’t going to make a day of it, just grab a couple of shots and be done.  It’s been a while since I’ve been behind the lens.  I’m a little rusty but I managed to remember to check the basics.  I was going handheld on these so I checked that Autofocus and Images Stabilization were on.  I wanted Aperature Priority, so I checked that it was set, checked the ISO (which I usually forget) which wasn’t right so I fixed it.  Took 3 shots and headed back home.  When I got the pictures loaded on the computer I realized immediately that while I did check that Aperature Priority was set, I had completely forgotten to look and see what it was set to.  Needless to say, landscape pictures don’t turn out to well if only a small portion of the picture is in focus, unless that is the “artistic expression” you are going for, which I wasn’t.  So I’ll be heading out again soon to reshoot.  I’m just glad that these weren’t “important” shots or somewhere that I’d had to drive to for hours.

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